About Us

It’s not just about the order…It’s the “HOW” that makes all the difference!

Working within a healthy, productive, and innovative environment that enhances the professional and efficient delivery of products, we strive to be a company that is keen to anticipate, influence and embrace change.


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Our Values & Mission



To become an essential extension of your organization and helping its purpose be known through the process of creative brand recognition and promotion by adapting to your ever changing needs.



Imprintable Solutions, Ink serves businesses, small and large, in fulfilling a need within the communities by creating brand recognition through printing and promotional products with an eye on building exceptional long-term relationships.





– We bring the Imprintable Solutions, Ink Vision to reality by working cohesively as a team and establishing new processes and always improving workflow through resources in technology. Our team grows through sharing innovative solutions, creative ideas and moving past the ordinary into the Extraordinary!

– Through the “Imprintable Solutions, Ink Personal Touch”, we provide exceptional customer service that exceeds expectations from beginning to end.  We convey information quickly, honestly and accurately. We strive to build long-term relationships  through exceptional service, integrity, innovation, asking the right questions, researching thoroughly and responding within 24 hours.



-Integrity and ethical in all of our guiding principles

– Ownership and Trustworthy, accountable to you and one another

– Respectful in all of our actions

– Service and Dedication, a willingness to go the extra mile

– Relationship Focused

– Simply reliable

It’s not just the order…It’s the “HOW” that makes all the difference!


We’re on your team


Imprintable Solutions, Ink is dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to all of its current and future customers.


We respect all of our customers and suppliers through honesty, integrity, understanding, and compassion for others. We respect one another through caring, treating people with dignity, respect, and a belief that every individual’s action and/or word is a reflection on all of the employees.


Pride is internal. There is no better pride than that which compels a person to do his or her very best when no one is looking.


Our collective mission and vision serve to guide us in identifying choices, making decisions, and taking actions.

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