Fun Facts about ChapStick

Runners use ChapStick to prevent chapping around their noses in cold weather. You can also rub it into cuticles to moisturize them, tame unruly eyebrows, and even to lubricate a stuck zipper. Just be sure to keep separate tubes for different uses.

  • ChapStick is a BRAND NAME for lip balm.
  • In the early 1800s Dr. Charles Brown Fleet invented chapstick as a lip balm.
  • If you nick yourself while shaving just put chapstick on it and it will stop bleeding.
  • Put chapstick on the end of your bushy mustache or put it o the end of a pair a bushy eyebrow.
  • Put chapstic on ayour hairline before you color your hair to not dye your hair.
  • Put chapstick on your finger if you have a ring stuck and then slide it off easily.
  • Putting chapstick on your face protects your face from a windurn when your skiing.
  • Rubing chapstick on a nail or screw makes it go in wood easier.
  • Clean a leather shoe with a pinch of chapstick rup it on there buff it then it is shiny.
  • To prevent a car battery from corrosion put chapstick on clean battery terminal.


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