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Did you know…T-shirts!

Did you know... - It takes 6 miles of yarn to make one T-Shirt...But it takes only 1 acre of a cotton field to yield 1200 T-shirts. - In 1939, the first promotional T-Shirt was printed for "The Wizard of Oz" - 91% of Americans claim to own a favorite T-Shirt. 62% say they own more than 10 T-Shirts. Work uniforms,...
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Did you know…Greeting Cards!

Did you know... - Christmas Cards originated in London in the 1840's - An English civil servant named Sir Henry Cole came up with a strange new idea in 1843; he would sell cards that people could give to their family and friends at Christmas. Cole invited well-known British artist John Callcot Horsley to design a card, and...
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Did you know…Hand Sanitizer!

Did you know... - There have actually been more than 20 studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control which show that alcohol-based hand sanitizers do indeed eliminate more germs than hand washing with soap and water. - Apply the hand sanitizer in a similar manner to how you use hand lotion, according to recommendations from the Mayo Clinic....
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