Giving Away the Perfect Promotional Product

An excellent way to introduce customers to your business is by giving away promotional items with your brand’s logo or name on them. This practice, which many big brands do, is proven time and again to be a useful marketing strategy that generates awareness. And this, in turn, could lead to productive interaction with potential clients. Promotional products help prospective customers become aware of your brand and to remember it whenever they use such items. This effect becomes even more apparent when you give away everyday office products like pens, flash drives, and notepads or other ordinary items like drink coasters, fridge magnets, silicone bracelets, and key tags.


To reach the ultimate goal of making your business known, make use of promotional items that serve at least two functions – one, carry effectively the name and logo of your brand or company and two, handy enough for customers to use instead of just letting them pile up in the garage.

With Right Information Comes Great Profit


When you advertise your company or brand, you should share just enough information to create a direct and catchy promotional item. It’s no question that you would want would-be customers to read the right details to help them get in touch with you or straight up purchase the product you’re selling.

For example, handing out fridge magnets is a great choice since you can print on these your brand logo, name, contact details, and address all the way to your tagline. The same goes for notebooks, shirts, stubby coolers, key tags, and drink coasters too. However, printing that many details on your free merchandise that is as small as flash drives, pens or silicone bracelets can be visually straining on customers. Rather than reading and remembering the details, people will likely ignore them instead. What you would want on these items is an eye-catching print that will instantly stick in consumers’ minds. This way, they will quickly recall even just the name of your brand and the product you are selling.

Practical Promotional Items


It is not uncommon for flyers to end up in the gutter without people reading the information printed on them. Hence, we want materials that people will take a good look at and to use the promotional items is just another simple way for people to read and remember the information printed on them. We don’t want to give away things people will not find useful because odds are they won’t even give these a second look, and this eventually defeats the purpose of promotional goods.

If you’re handing out merchandise on particular events, prepare items that are of interest to the participants of said event. Say for example most if not all members of the audience are working in the field of information and communications technology, it is best to provide items like flash drives, which are of practical use to them. The same holds true for events attended by other groups of people. If attendees are students, business people, or families, your free merchandise should fit their interests and needs.

In the end, you can make a lasting impression on people with whichever item you decide on as long as it is a well-thought of promotional merchandise. When you use the right material with the right information and a great design printed on them, people will more than likely remember your brand and the product you’re selling.

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